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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Two weeks ago I got this crazy idea!! Let's load 5 kids into the truck and drive for 17 hours to go visit grandma in South Carolina! As I was loading the luggage and hearing the complaints of how cramped everyone was going to be, I quickly thought ... maybe this wasn't one of my brightest ideas! My sister and I, driving THAT far with 5 ... I will say it again! 5 Kids ... 3, 4, 7, 13 and 16! Had we offically gone insane!?!? Well, all I can say is Thank You Jesus for entertainment systems in cars!! Surprisingly we had fairly easy going trip down, well, that is until a deer decided to jump into the road at 4 in the morning! Thankfully for me, not so much for my dad, my dad was leading our little road trip. Our uneventful road trip came to a hault when he hit the deer going 75ish mph. Of course we were all shaken up and my dads car was totalled. Although, my dad being the type of person he is didn't yell, scream or freak out ... he simply looked at me and said, "See babe, I always take care of my girls, I even jumped in the head and took on a deer so you didn't have to." lol Gotta love him!

On Sunday we spent the day on Myrtle Beach ...

The view on my grandma's backyard ... I loved how the steam from the pond rose up during sunrise!

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Lisa said...

I like the steamy sunrise too!!