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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Friend or Foe

A couple days ago I decided it was a beautiful evening, I should take my little dog for a walk. Well, half way down the road, poor little Tucker was panting and falling behind because of the heat. So ... I thought I would bring Tucker home in exchange for the camera. Often times as I am driving home in the evening, I drive by this little field with cows. This was the perfect opportunity to walk to that little field, with camera in hand to get some fun pictures. I have to say, the walk that is much further than it seems when you are in the car. But ... after the long journey I finally made it. The cows seemed very eager to meet me. They all quickly came over to the fence to check me out. However, after a few minutes I was wondering ... do these cows love me or want to eat me? You be the judge ...

I don't know if the one running from the barn was excited to see me or wanted to charge me!

1 comment:

Amy Carroll said...

These cow pictures are simply MOOvalous! Love them all!!

PS:: Next time I go with you!