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Monday, July 21, 2008

Girl Trip to Colorado Springs

Last Sunday afternoon, Amy and I took off for our grand adventure to Colorado Springs. Since we started really doing photography, we have always wanted to do a girls only road trip. A couple months ago, a long time friend of mine moved to Colorado Springs and I thought ... FABULOUS Road Trip destination!

Our first stop along the way was near Des Monies, Iowa. After we heard the movie, Bridges of Madison County was filmed near there and the covered bridges were only a few miles from where we were, we had to take a little detour and see them.

After Iowa comes Nebraska ... oh Nebraska! Just a warning for anyone who chooses to take a drive through, Nebraska never ends, seriously, it is like the Energizer Bunny, it keeps going and going and going.

Finally we reached Colorful Colorado ... perfect name!

Here we were beginning to see the mountains in the distance, a beautiful ... amazing sight!

This just reminds me of what old time Colorado would look like.

On Tuesday, we headed to Garden of the Gods.

After exploring Garden of the Gods and getting freaked out at the sound of a rattle snake (which we later learned was just an insect) we headed back to Manitou Springs for lunch. If you have ever seen the movie Dantas Peak about the little town at the foot of a volcano, that was just what Manitou Springs reminded me of. Only it was a little town at the foot of a mountain.

After lunch we headed over to an underground spring to get some water. We couldn't help but notice the fun pinkish color wall and had to stop for a little photo shoot.
Here I am posing for the camera ....

And here's a couple of Amy ...

On Wednesday we got up bright and early to head to Pikes Peak ... this mountain is over 14,000 feet high! Yicks! You have no idea how high that is until you are standing up there and looking down!

At one of our stops on our way to the top of Pikes Peak, we ran into a group of boys who were biking down the mountain, they were visiting from Virgina. We did a little photo shoot for them to use on their slide show when they returned home.

As Amy and I were driving up the side of the mountain, in our tank tops, shorts and convertible, we looked up and wondered ... is that snow??

Nearing the top of the mountain, we were getting a little freaked out. Driving up the side of a 14,000 foot high mountain, on dirt roads with no guardrails, kinda freaky I have to say. So, instead of focusing on that ... I choose to look at the pretty purple flowers growing within the mountain.

It was like being at the top of the world!

To prove we were actually brave enough, we had another couragous person use my camera and take a picture of the two of us.

Amy playing in the snow with her trusty healed flipflops ... the only way we hike mountains! People think we are nuts but the heals are fabulous for helping us get a grip in the dirt.

Purple door ... had to do another mini photo shoot!

And a purple bike ... I had to have Amy take my picture with it!

As we were driving back to our home for the week, we noticed this sign ... loved it!

After getting back Wednesday, we thought a drink sounded marvelous. But first, we played a little football with the neighbor girls. They were kind enough to pose for a little picture for us to remember them.

After a tough game of toss the football, we made our way over to resting point with a Colorado Beer in hand. As we sat on the little brick wall, over looking what seemed to be all of Colorado, we were just amazed at the beauty.

Then we got silly with pinecones ...

A cow ranch ... there were a few of these as you can imagine.

I could never convay in pictures the beauty that God had laid out there for us to see. The colors, the contrasts, the mountains ... all amazing.

Good-bye Colorado ... we will miss you!
And even though I don't have a picture of B (Brent) and D (Derreck) our fabulous friends who put up with us for a few days ... I just want to thank the two of you again for being such wonderful hosts! You two rock ... we alreay miss you!

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Lisa said...

So much fun I assume!! So happy for you, now back to reality!!