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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alyssa's 1st Day of School

Well for any parent who has "been there" you totally understand what today was like. My babies 1st day of preschool. Such a bittersweet day. Alyssa was very excited about it though ... she literally had her outfit picked out last week Thursday. This morning, she was coaching me on how her hair had to be done ... we need to use the flat iron mom and then put it back away from my face with some bobby pins or a hair tie. "Ok Alyssa." lol Such a little Diva Girl.

The process of getting ready ... she's only 4, 13 is going to be tough!

We are on our way.

Ok, we are at that wonderful "fake the smile" age but it still shows her excitement upon arriving at school for the 1st day.

Drawing a picture of herself, with an orange face ... she said she always wanted an orange face. Crazy Girl! :-)

On to the next project ... beads ... what fun and concentration!

And more coloring ...

Puppet Time with friends.

And puzzles too ... this place ROCKS!

Finally time to go home ... everything goes into the most fabulous backpack EVA ... DORA!

And although she loved her first day, when I informed her that next time she goes, she gets to be a big girl and stay at school without mommy. Her response ... "That's Dumb." lol


Lisa said...

can't believe it is preschool time already!!

Sherri Kaye said...

I have enjoyed your site for some time now. You have some great pictures and I love the second one her of your little girl getting in the car with her backpack on. That is so precious! My heart goes out to you, I know how it feels when you realize that your littles ones are growing up.