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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Northern Michigan

The drive was long, the roads twisted and turned. The radio was was playing her favorite country songs, she felt like she was in the backwoods somewhere. The colors on the trees were amazing ... not quite like the were a week ago, but still a beautiful sight to see. The oranges, reds, yellows and greens were all around ... some on the trees but mostly they lay on the ground ... a sure sign that a new season is approaching. She drove and drove, taking in the beauty of His creation. Finally, after rounding a sharp corner, she seen something that caught her
eye ... the sun. It was so brillant and beautiful setting over a small lake located in Northen Michigan. She couldn't help but pull the car over, long side of the road, grab the camera she brought along for such an occastion, jump out and try to capture the inspiring glow the sun left as it floated over the waters edge.

Driving a little further, she noticed a roadside park, again ... she had to stop, just to see what she could see. Of course, she could have stayed on the beaten path but what fun would that be. She needed to venture out to the unknown. She climbed down the river band with her 3 inch heels, hiked over some fallen branches, and observed. It was like something out of an old movie ... the river softy flowed, she could hear the fish jumping around her and even though the majority of the trees were now bare .. there was still enough color to imagine what the riverside looked
like just days earlier.

She stayed for a while ... then all to soon the sun was going away and the moonlight began to shine. After climbing back up, she couldn't help but to be captivated by the glow of the moonlight ... or was it the shear color of cold setting in on that night, it is unclear, but the bluish glow that was casted out on the hill side was amazing.

All to soon she was back in her car, driving down those roads ... those same twists and turns. Not wanting the drive, the serenity of it all to end, she had to grab one more picture. Good-night sun, good-night.


Bree said...

How far north were you? Such beauty up there....I love it!

Lisa said...

These are gorgeous!!

Angie said...

Bree ... I was up near Newaygo. It was so beautiful. I only wish I had gone a few days sooner!!