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Monday, November 3, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

We have been having above average temperatures the last couple of days ... which of course I am totally loving!! Yesterday I wondered what type of fun adventure I could take the kids out on to enjoy the day. After a little bit of thought, I realized I hadn't been to the zoo at all this year!! I knew what we had to do. Of course, the older kids weren't to interested but Alyssa and Noah were all for it!!

Oh to have the life of a bear!!

While in Colorado, Amy and I had really hoped to run into a Mountain Lion during one of our hiking adventures ... um, after seeing these teeth I have to say that maybe it's a good thing we didn't.

Noah was having much fun at the petting zoo and just being silly ..

I had great love for the new Lion Exhibit. I almost felt like I was in Africa!!

Today it is Nov. 3rd and almost 70 degrees ... tomorrow it is suppose to be the same. I sit now and wonder what type of adventures we can go on to enjoy the outdoors.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

So jealous
#1 I was sick and in bed most of the weekend and didn't enjoy the nice weather
#2 the lions were moving around and not sleeping like the billions of times i saw them this year
Not fair!! lol