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Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Time Adventures

Last Saturday it was so beautiful I knew we had to get out and do something! A friend had informed me of a little secret loction with a family of eagles! Um ... EAGLES! I wanted to play with eagles so I loaded up the kiddos and the dogs and off we went in search of our flying friends. Sadly, due to the floods from Heaven the previous week, many of the trails were flooded and to muddy to continue on our search for eagles but we did have fun along the way just seeing what we could see.
Alyssa found a jolly rancher in her pocket!

My handsome boy ...

Noah and my "adopted" child Hunter ..

My beautiful baby girl again.

My other beautiful girl ... Kiara.

The big boy Baloo posing so nicely.

Our adopted child Hunter ... ok, so maybe legally he's not adopted but I am commonly referred to as his 2nd mom...:-)

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