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Friday, February 25, 2011

Fabulous Fridays!!

I have to say ... totally has been a fairly fabulous Friday. First, I made a new little friend. I was sitting at my computer this morning and glanced out the window. I noticed on my fence an adorable little squirrel just looking around for a little yums. He was so cute and seemed to say with his beady little eyes "please fed me some peanut better." I couldn't say no ... here is my new adorable little friend running off with his yummy muffin and peanut-butter breakfast!

PLUS ... Keith had a tile job that needed to be moved back a couple days because the tile was on backorder ... meaning, he had the day off, well sort of. I had lots of work for him to do at home! To start with, a new tile bathroom floor!! This is just the beginning stages, no grout or finishing, but it's down and looking amazingly fabulous!

And if that's not good enough ... the fact that it is FRIDAY makes me one happy girl!!

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