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Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Foster Baby - Kona

Meet Kona, she is our little foster baby ... well, I guess at 106lbs, she is not quite so little. We heard about this beautiful baby needing a home last Friday evening. After reading her rescue story, I couldn't resist helping her. Kona was found tied to a tree at the end of a dead end road with no food or water. Her rescuers went door to door trying to find anyone that knew her ... no one did. Knowing they couldn't keep her themself, the looked for help and found Marcie. Marcie is one of the most giving, self-less people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and she gladly offered to help. Marcie runs a rescue out in Middleville and has helped hundreds (??) of these babies.

After a visit to the vet, it was revealed that Kona had heartworm. I have had dogs my whole life and never really knew much about heartworm ... without going into detail I will just say ... MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR DOGS CHECKED FOR HEARTWORM AND ON A PREVENTATIVE! Keith and I were very excited to pick her up Saturday morning from the vets offices after her heartworm treatment. She greeted me with kisses and hasn't stopped kissing since.

She is such a sweet dog ... it breaks my heart to think someone could just tie this beautiful animal to a tree and leave her there. Below you see her getting some lovin' from daddy. I tried showing some detail in these pictures but pictures could never show what a beautiful coat she has. If you have ever felt one of those brand new, soft teddy bears that you could just cuddle forever ... that's exactely how she feels!

Kona and Baloo together. They act as though they have been together their entire life. Although, Kona lives up to be female ... she loves Baloo, kisses his face, lays by him, but she makes it no secret she wants to be the boss; and he has no problem letting her.

She loves, loves, loves being brushed out and totally suprised us in the fact that she doesn't seem to shed much at all ... of course I am compairing her to Baloo who sheds 6lbs every day it seems.

Marcie has a couple people interested in adopting her so looks like we will only have her as part of our family for maybe 4 weeks but we are enjoying her while she is here. And she seems to be pretty happy here to I think ...

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