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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Great Pyrenees Rescue - Pups - 3.5 Weeks Old

I have always had a passion for helping animals, dogs in particular. I've had pups my entire life and always thought if I ever become a millionaire, helping animals is one thing I would put my money towards. Two years ago, my family was looking to adopt a family pet. The boys all wanted a big tough dog like a Rott and I wanted something cute and cuddely ... so after some research the Pyrenees is what we came up with. Big and tough yet adorable and cuddely.

A year passed and I stalked the Facebook page of Marcie, the amazing lady with unlimited love for these pups. After seeing the many animals coming into rescue due to owner surrenders, lost dogs, hurting animals and those that were abondoned I really felt compelled to do something! Even though I hadn't won my millions yet, there was still something I could do ... That's when we began fostering these animals.

We had Sugar, a 12 week old pup, then Kona who was a 2 yr old found tied to a tree, then came Addie our love girl who was kept in a kennel her entire 1st yr of life, then came Maddie and finally our boy Thunder. Amazingly awesome homes were found for these dogs who had been forgotten.

A few weeks go by, then 2 months pass ... no word from Marcie. Hmmm I thought, this is a good thing! Rescue must be slow. Well, I think she somehow had a sick sense and was just giving us a little break before the big bang. lol Saturday I get a phone called, it's Marcie. She needed an emergency foster for 7 - 3 week old puppies! The owners had informed a lady at the shelter they were no longer feeding on the mama ... she couldn't keep them any longer. The shelter worked called Marcie right away, as soon as Marcie said she could take them, transportation began.

Saturday night, puppies arrived! I was a bit nervous because of their young age! Would they eat ok? Would be they be healthy? After 24 hours, my fears dissappeared. They are beginning to play, develop personalities and have no problems eating!

So often many people say to me, "I could never do that, don't you fall in love with them?" My answer ... OH COURSE! I fall in love with each and everyone one of them. Yes, it's hard to take in a furry pal, love them and let them become part of your family only to send them off to someone else. But in my opinion, it's MUCH harder to do nothing at all. To look into the faces of these sweet little babies, tell myself it sucks that people act the way they do and then turn my back. I may not be a millionaire (yet...:-)and I may not be able to save them all. But to the ones I was able to help ... To Sugar, Kona, Addie, Maddie, Thunder and these 7 babies, I bet they are sure glad I tried!

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