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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Charlotte - 4 months Old

I have to admit, I was nervous about this session. Well, maybe nervous isn't the word. More like an anxious-nervousness. The thing is, ya just never know what you are walking into when you walk into a 4 month old session. The happiest babies in the world can sometimes grow horns when it's time for picture day. Normally fussy babies can be all smiles. So, whenever doing a baby session, as much as I ADORE doing them, this anxious-nervousness always fills my mind in the hours before hand.

But, little Charlotte showed me very quickly into the session I had nothing to fear. This baby was woke up from a nap and STILL no crying! Yeah, I know, pretty flipping awesome!

Although baby Charlotte wasn't quite as full of smiles like she usually is, we were still able to capture a few of them and lots of simply adorable little expressions.

When I was talking with Angie, Charlotte's mom, she asked if I was going to bring any props along or should see come up with something. A quick glance around their house and I knew coming up with "something" wouldn't be hard. She had all these fabulous antique items and this amazing old chest which I fell in love with.

This one here is for daddy ... well, the whole family really ... they are big State fans so they are breaking this baby in early...:-) She looks happy with it.

It was great meeting you and little Charlotte today Angie. I hope you enjoy your preview.

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