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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nick & Sadie - Prom 2012

Nick is more like part of the family, another child, than a friend of my Nick's. Growing up, the boys were always referred to as Big Nick (pictured here) and Little Nick (my son who is younger). Big Nick was in 4th grade, if I remember right, when we moved in across the street from where he lived at the time. Big Nick has moved to different areas, to different neighborhoods, but somehow he always finds his way back here to visit. One of these days I'll learn to just lock my doors! (kidding Nick, you know I love ya!)
Nick introduced us to Sadie, his girlfriend of over a year, last year. We loved Sadie and very much approved of her. She's not only a beautiful young lady, she's kind, respectful and just a sweet girl to have around.
The morning of Prom, Sadie called asking if I'd take a few pictures of her and Nick. Um of course!! I had to see "my kids" all dressed up!!
We just went to the little field by the house, but it made for a nice little setting to grab a few pictures.
Hard to believe, these kids are just growing up so fast!! I think ... I'm ONLY 24 (smiles), how in the world can this boy I watched grow up be 20 and dating a girl who's graduting next month. It doesn't seem right at all.

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