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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cindy and Russ - Married 4/14/2012

Awe ... the cuteness of the day! A couple so in love.

I've been shooting weddings for a few years now, starting off in 2006 with Amy Carroll. In the years I've been doing this, I can't say that I remember more than 3 wedding parties that were actually READY to go as soon as I walked in the door. The boys were told to be ready at 2 and they were ready at 1:50 when I arrived. Amazing.

Really ... had to throw this is ... how adorable is she?!?

As soon as it was a wrap with the boys ... the beautiful bride was ready to go. I'm sitting here writting this and STILL amazed at how on time we were. That just never happens!!

The ceremony was a beautiful, traditional ceremony.

Cindy and Russ exchanged vows and said "I do." There were tears of joy and love. A beautiful ceremony.

After a few family formals, we made a quick run into downtown Lowell to grab a few images before the start of the reception ... which everyone was looking forward to!

The cutting of the cake ....

All the promises and threats to "be nice."

Um ... well, a pictures worth a thousand words.

In an effort to get people out dancing, the DJ decided on the snowball dance. One rule, "You can't say no if asked to dance." So, when the groom ran out and grabbed me, he reminded me I couldn't say no. I went with it and found that being out on the dance floor, right in the middle gives you a great perspective!

Usually I'd end my little preview with a picture of the bride and groom ... however, I thought this little guy was so stinkin' adorable in his cowboy hat.

Congratulations Cindy and Russ ... the two of you are as adorable as ever!! Loved your day, it was crazy fun. Best wishes to you in the many, many years to come!!

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