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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fun Up North for the 4th

To celebrate our country's birthday day ... my family and I decided to head up to the "North Country" as we like to call it. My husbands family have a cabin up north, just south of Traverse City and the kids just love it up there. Their favorite part in the words of my 6 year old son, "Grandpa lets us have candy bars for breakfast!"

We arrived up there Friday last afternoon and started with a walk through the woods, always hoping to see some fabulous wild life. Typically by the end of the walk, someone is getting tired and needs to be carried ... it is usually one of the kids, this time a little dog tuckered out too!

Along the way ... Noah did find some fabulous wild life and was totally distracted by it ... cuz we don't have ants in Grand Rapids. Kids are awesome, they are so easily entertained!

After getting back to the cabin, I couldn't resist taking some pictures of these beautiful dogs they were fairly excited about the photo opportunity too and posed perfectly for the camera!

After dinner, it was off to watch the fireworks over the bay.

I LOVE breakfast at the cabin! I am not typically a breakfast eater, usually a diet coke or coffee is about all I need ... BUT ... there is almost nothing better than breakfast at the cabin. Here is Dan's dad fryin' up the bacon!

After breakfast, the kids ventured out to the worlds largest sandbox. Well, maybe not the worlds largest but ... it is big and fun and fabulous they love it!

When I heard that there was going to be an air show over the bay on Saturday we decided to go back into Traverse and check it out. I had never been to an air show before so was very excited to see one. Let me just say ... I wasn't the only one! It was BUSY with lots of people and LOTS of fabulous dogs for me to love on and pet!

Unfortunately we didn't bring bathin' suits but that didn't stop everyone from playing in the water to keep cool on that beautiful summer afternoon!

I have no idea what the technical name is for this plane, I think it's a fighter jet but it was amazing! I would hear the jet coming, look up, only to see it has already passed!

Doesn't this dog look like the one in Men and Black ... I love him!

This ones for you Amy ... a little 6 week old baby Tanner!

And then there was the Blue Angels ... amazing!

Then it was back to the cabin for some fun with the dogs. I have to say, these dogs are amazing! They are Australian Shepards ... not only are the beautiful animals, they are smart as can be! Love them!

Ok, I know from this picture is doesn't look like much however ... this dog got some height here! I am not kidding when I say I think he jumped about 5 of 6ft into the air ... it was awesome!

And then there's Ben .. Ben is a very smart dog. He doesn't feel the need to jump around and actually work to get the ball or frisbee like Dakota ... he sits and waits for the ball to come to him. I told you these dogs were smart!

Finally it was time to go home. As I was driving down the road I seen horses, when I noticed a baby horse what other choice did I have but to slam on the breaks, jump out of the car, and go take it's picture!

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Lisa said...

I see a horse pattern here!! lol
Looks like you guys had a fun filled family weekend!! The weather was gorgeous!!