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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fire Adventures

It all happened 2 nights ago, it was about 9:45pm. I was sitting quietly in my nice warm house. The little children were in bed ... it was time to relax. I slipped into my fuzzy warm jammies, grabbed a blanket and cozied in for the evening. Then, all of a sudden the telephone rings. What?? Who's calling now?? It was Amy. My fabulous neighbor, partner in adventures and picture taking buddy. I could hear the excitement in her voice, "Wanna go take pictures of a fire? I was driving home and there's a fire right down the road!" Let me just claify that she knew it wasn't a home because it was in the business district ... sad still for the owners, but we were sure no one would be getting hurt. Anyway ... back to the story. Of course I wanted to go take pictures of a fire. I quickly throw some jeans on, a jacket, grabbed the camera and my gloves and Amy was here ... great timing. I jumped in the car and we were off. Us ... the little fire chasers. We drove to the area where Amy had seen the smoke, flames and fire trucks ... but um ... we found nothing. We drove around a bit more; still nothing. Ok, Amy knew she seen something ... I was beginning to wonder if she had just been having a serious blonde moment. Then, there is was ... the smoke and fire trucks. We parked, jumped out of the car, went running through the snow (in heels I might add) to the scene. We took a couple pictures when a fireman walked up to us. We were sure we were going to get yelled at for being to close or something ... it happens to us often since we like to get right in where all the action is. But nope, the fireman simply says, "How you girls doing this evening?" We were a little confused, I mean ... he was just putting out a fire! We responsed with a hesitant "fine ... what's going on here?" Very calmly he says, "Oh nothing, we were just doing a little controlled training."

So, our fabulous, livin' on the edge fire chasing adventure turned out to be a controlled training proceedure ... not so adventurous but here's a couple pics from the night. The flames were already put out by the time we got there.


Lisa said...

these are cool, too bad the story wasn't a bit more adventerous to go with them, but hey you tried, right??

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