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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Emerson and Baloo

I just love cute little baby feet! I have no idea why, big people feet are not so cute but baby feet ... seriously! Love them!!

My beautiful little niece Emerson at 7 weeks old. Not sure if my dog is just ridiculously huge or if she is just a tiny little bundle of joy but either why, I loved this picture. Baloo was very tolerant as well, he ADORES the baby!!

Baloo ... so full of wisdom. lol

So sweet ... love, love, love babies! For you grandma Lapus! Emerson's grandma had to drag herself away from the baby last week and go back to her home in Florida. I'm sure she's missing this beautiful little angel so had to give her a little update. I tried getting one of her smiling for you but she was not cooperating with me. I did get those beautiful blue eyes though!!

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