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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Addie - Foster Pup

On July 25, a little addition was brought to us. We are not real sure what exactly Addie's background is, we can only guess. But one thing is for certain ... she needed a new home. Marcie, from the Great Pyrneese Rescue in Middleville, rescued a nameless dog from a shelter to avoid the cruel act of euthanization. This nameless dog soon showed us exactly what her name should be.

We jokingly said, we thought she possibly had ADD and was in need of some Aderol, and that's where Addie came from. She is about one year old and knew very little about behaviorisms. It seemed as though whoever had her before us gave little attention or care to this beautiful girl at all. In the few weeks we have had her, she house broke, knows the words sit, stay, come and get back. She is very easily distracted (ADD ... remember) so she doesn't always listen. But she is getting it very quickly. Addie is a very smart dog, she is a dog that just wants to please.

She is the sweetest, most loyal dog. She loves getting lovin from almost everyone, but after the lovin is done, she quickly returns to the one who takes care of her ... currently her mama ... me...:-) She very much enjoys TV time at night, she knows it is time to cuddle on the couch with mom and dad to just chill.

She is a great dog with the kids, loves to wrestle around and she is even learning to be a dog. Before being rescued, I don't think she was ever really taught doggie mannors, therefore, had no idea how to act around other dogs BUT Baloo is a great teacher. When seeing another dog out walking, she acts like she wants to eat it, but after a brief, controlled introduction, she does great. She just gets so excited upon meeting a new potential friend she doesn't know how to control herself and just wants to play.

She has lots and lots of energy and would be GREAT for an avid walker, runner or house with kids. Or simply someone who has a big enough yard for her to run around in and catch her ball ... She LOVES to play catch.

We have grown to love her very much in our house and just like our previous fosters the kids are begging to keep her? Alyssa said to me, "Mom, I have 10 pennies, can I adopt her?" It is tough explaining to them that we can't keep every dog because we want to be able to continue helping others. They do understand ... it is sometimes I think toughier for me. How can you not fall instantly in love with these eyes??

Addie is all up-to-date on her shots, she has been spayed and doing great with her mannors. She is becoming the perfect dog. We think he is a newfie/english springer spaniel mix, she's right about 60-70lbs. Adoption information can be found at You will have to go through two screening processes ... first Marcie, then me...:-)

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