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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fabulous Family Fun - South Haven

Yesterday evening Keith and I drove took a little trip down to South Haven where we met this beautiful family! I took Keith along to help keep kids attention, he is great at that since he is a big kid himself!

Belle was so adorable! She thought that jeans and a shirt made a great pretend bathin suit. As much as we tried distracting her with tag and sand, she felt a nice swim in Lake Michigan sounded much better. We worked with it...:-)

Brock wasn't quite as excited about swimming in that cold water so he started with a nice walk on the beach with daddy but eventually, he had to join his sissy.

Then it was cuddle time with mama to get warm ...

And back off to play in the sand.

Being from Virgina and living in Ohio, sunsets are not something the kids are able to see often. They had a beautiful one last night. Jamie, even compared our beautiful sunsets here, over Lake Michigan, to those she has seen in Hawaii! We had to sit back and just enjoy the beauty of it all for just a minute ... we all watched as the sun went down into the water.

It was an amazingly beautiful end to a beautiful day.

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