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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Steve and Alicia Married - 9/24/11

Last weekend I photographed Steve and Alicia's wedding. The plan was I get there at 1:30 and take a few getting ready pictures before the ceremony at 2:30. Well, I never expected them to actually be on time!! Having photographed a few weddings now, I am well aware that typically people run a bit late ... not these guys, they were right on top of things and waiting to do a few final touches when I arrived.

Steve and Alicia had a beautiful ceremony in Wyoming, Mi. They even had their brand new, 8 week old baby be a part of it. Although he slept the whole time, he was very sweet having him involved!

After the ceremony, it was time to get a few fun pictures! We had this beautiful location all picked out! Unfortunately, the weather was not being very nice to us that day. Alicia was very much against doing a "trash the dress" session on her wedding day and playing in the rain so we had to be quick! We were able to grab a few in between downpours. Despite the icky rain, the storms did make for some pretty cool skies!!

Congratulations Steve and Alicia!! I am so glad I was able to be a part of your special day! I hope you enjoy your preview.

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